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Scientific art and journal covers

Journal cover art for 

Browning, A.P., Ansari, N., Drovandi, C., Johnston, A.P., Simpson, M.J. and Jenner, A.L., 2022. Identifying cell-to-cell variability in internalization using flow cytometry. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 19(190), p.20220019.

Created by Alexander P Browning


Art for  

Jenner, A.L., Smalley, M., Goldman, D., Goins, W.F., Cobbs, C.S., Puchalski, R.B., Chiocca, E.A., Lawler, S., Macklin, P., Goldman, A. and Craig, M., 2022. Agent-based computational modeling of glioblastoma predicts that stromal density is central to oncolytic virus efficacy. iScience, 25(6).

Created by Jesse Morris and featured in the Mathonco blog.

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